Candle Bargain: Next Garden Mint And Elderflower Candle


Next Wild Mint & Elderflower CandleThis beauty is hands down my favourite spring candle of all times. If you have read any of my previous candle posts, you will know that this is a big statement – I am incredibly fussy when it comes in scented candles. I love having a nice, light and natural fragrance wafting through my home but don’t want it to smell like I just sprayed a load of Febreeze around. Unfortunately, the more natural and less offensive scents are usually the more expensive ones. I love Jo Malone, Dyptique and Neom but it physically pains me to pay €40+ for a something I am going to burn every other day.

I gave this candle a rather anxious sniff in Next Home a few weeks ago, expecting (very snobbishly) a harsh and fake scent. I was so delighted to find that this candle genuinely smells like a fortified mint and elderflower tea. It is a sweet, herbal scent that is refreshing and uplifting at the same time. I normally gravitate towards quite heavy and spicy scents but this candle has taken over lately.

The best thing about this candle is that it costs €8!!!, which is a fraction of what you would have to shell out for Jo Malone and smells just as good! It also comes in a very cute ceramic container that I will definitely be using after the candle is gone.

If you are a fan of scented candles get yourself to Next ASAP and buy one of these. This must be my find of the year! I will be buying more of these and also have my eye (or nose, he he) on another candle from this collection, Basil and Lemongrass, a gorgeous, fresh scent.

Next Garden Mint And Elderflower Candle €8 from Next shops or

What is your favourite spring scented candle? I would love to hear your suggestions…

A. xx

  • Not_Just_Inside (@VonFluffy)

    I always have a candle burning here, it really is a giant pain in the hoop that the nice ones are so darned expensive


      Totally agree! Give this one a sniff. Not all of them where nice but I can really recommend the mint & elderflower and the basil & lemongrass ones :)

  • MakeUpMonster (@makeupmonster_)

    This is adorable I love Next Home so must check this out, I can’t abide paying huge money for candles either but I want them to smell amazing:)


      Same here! I’m nearly afraid to actually burn the really expensive ones… it seems like a bit of a waste of money. Still love Jo Malone candles though ;)

  • fiona bradley

    Christ I love a good scented candle! And I agree as much as I love the smell of the Jo Malone range I just can’t justify essentially burning away such a substantial amount of money. NEVER go into Next, let alone even think about them as stocking nice candles so a trip is definitely on the to do list now. TK Maxx also do some lovely candles and pretty reasonable price ;)



      Totally agree, it feels like burning money! I only even go into Next Home and I have never smelled the candles before but I liked the packaging and gave it a sniff… The basil & lemongrass scent is fab too! Getting that one next :)

  • Shygirl

    This looks great, I’m going to get one.


      Cannot recommend it enough, so worth it!