Vichy Dermablend Launch Event

Vichy Dermablend EventI am sure you have all heard of the legendary high coverage foundation called Dermablend. It’s been around for ages & has been very popular ever since it joined the Vichy brand. If you haven’t yet seen the Zombie Boy / Dermablend video on youtube watch it now, it’s incredible!

I have used the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick & Fluid Foundation as concealers for years, they are always in my professional make-up kit. I’m not going to get into a deep product review here (stay tuned for these) but it covers pretty much everything, from acne to black ink tattoos.

Here are some pics from yesterdays event where the amazing Irish make-up artist Zoë Clark was demonstrating the different uses & effects of the Dermablend range.

Covering Acne

Covering Tattoos

Dani has tattoos all down her arms and in the close up shot you can see that they have completely disappeared when Zoë used the Corrective Stick and Dermablend Powder! Any brides who want to cover tattoos for their weddings – you need these products! They’re waterproof , transfer-proof & long lasting!

Covering Severe Redness / Veins

The event was lovely & very informative. Vichy have introduced us to a new addition to the Dermablend range: a waterproof, extreme coverage Corrective Body Foundation that will be available in May. We are testing the products and will be back with a detailed post shortly.

Have you ever used any of the Vichy Dermablend products? What are your thoughts?

A. xx

St Moriz Shimmer: Get Your Legs Out Ladies!

I am not a huge tanner… In fact, I got it so wrong (streaks, patches) several times that I gave up and vowed to embrace my paleness. I’ve recently decided (after seeing some photos of me standing next to some other girls who didn’t have blue toned, milky white skin!!) to ease myself back into tanning – I can’t use proper self tanner at the moment as I am having laser treatment – with the help of some wash off tans. St Moriz ShimmerThe St Moriz Wash Off Shimmer* is a recent discovery and I have to say I am rather impressed. This products is also available in a completely mat formulation but I quite like the fine golden particles here, even though I generally stay away from glittery products. Don’t worry, it won’t give you disco ball legs! It just leaves a gorgeous, delicate sheen on your skin (looks AMAZING on legs!). I applied it with the St Moriz mitt and the lotion dried really quickly on my skin, there was no transfers on my clothes and even though the tan didn’t stain I was able to wash it off in the shower with just a bit of shower gel – no scrubbing necessary.St Moriz ShimmerI hear, from more experienced tanners that this product is also fantastic to top of your spray tan and even it out when it starts wearing off. By applying a thin layer you can breath a bit of freshness & glow back into into your skin.

The price tag for this product is an incredible €5 for a large (150ml) bottle and is available in Penney’s, some supermarkets, Boots and pharmacies.

Here’s a shot of my legs, one very obviously pasty and the other one with a thin layer of the St Moriz Shimmer. You can see, the tan is not too dark and looks really natural.

Excuse the scratches on my leg - I was playing with my dog before I took this photo!

Excuse the scratches on my leg – I was playing with my dog before I took this photo!

So now that the weather is getting warmer & the sun has come out give it a try, even if you are a novice tanner like me! If I can do it anyone can!!

Have you ever tried any St Moriz products? What are your thoughts?

A. xx

Pretty Things

Pretty ThingsWith the highstreet now in spring mode and fully stocked with all the gorgeous pastels you could possibly want, here are just some of the springtime goodies on my wishlist right now…

Clockwise from top:

Jewelled Grab Clutch Bag, €35.12, ASOS
SOY Candle in Pomegranate & Green Tea €16.86, ASOS
Poly Jumpsuit by TFNC £55.00, Topshop
Foreo Luna Mini Petal Pink €139.06, ASOS
Grey Floral Print Structured Mini Skirt €33.00, River Island
Gold Tone Round Face Bracelet Watch €37.00, River Island
Pink Acid Wash Crop Tee  Price €16.88, Miss Selfridge


Summer Saviour: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic

Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Refining TonicI’m not sure about you, but in summer when it’s that bit warmer and my face is plastered in creams with a high SPF, I get that very un-sexy, oil-slicked shine through the centre of my forehead. And I am not talking about glow (I am all for glow) but this horrendous oily layer that just sits on top of your skin! I don’t really like using primers on a daily basis, especially during warmer weather as I feel they just clog my pores. So when I heard Lisa Eldridge talk about this product a couple of years ago in a video I wanted to try it out!

The Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic definitely isn’t a product I could use on an everyday basis, it would probably dry me out a bit too much but it’s absolutely fabulous at stopping that unsightly shine from coming through on warm summer days, when I’m on holidays in a hot country or even doing sports.

It’s not your regular toner when it comes to consistency, it’s a dual-phase liquid that looks a bit odd when it’s not shaken (it separates into a murky liquid on top and a gloopy white substance at the bottom) but once you give it a good shake all the ingredients combine. It contains Amazonian white clay (which is known for gently drawing out oils and toxins that can clog up pores without stripping the skin) and Allantoin (in herbal medicine used as a bacteria inhibitor that also soothes and reduces inflammation).

I use a small bit on a cotton pad through the centre of my face. After I’ve applied the toner and let it dry I proceed as usual: I use a light moisturiser (my favourite for the summer is still the Perricone MD Photoplasma with SPF 30) and apply my makeup as always. This little routine somehow keeps the gross shine at bay without me having to layer lots of products on my skin.

Do you have a favourite shine-banishing product?

A. xx

Make-up In A Hurry

More often than I’d like to admit I have to do my make-up in about 3 minutes and I know that a lot of you ladies have experienced this yourself one time or another. I have managed to condense my “running out the door make-up routine” to the absolute necessities and thought I’ll share it with you today. (Brace yourself, the ‘before’ pic ain’t pretty!!)Make-up in a Hurry

Make-up In A HurryThese are the products I use when I am running extremely late and need to get my face on quickly:

Origins VitaZing – an amazing multi-tasker! It works as my moisturiser, SPF and gives me a bit of colour and dewiness but doesn’t have too much coverage, so I don’t need to worry about application – just slap it on!

No 7 Pop & Glow Blush – any cream blush will do. Again, this is easy to apply and can be blended with fingers.

MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy – quickly smudged on the top lash line for a little bit of definition & to beat the hideous puffiness on my lids. I smudge it with my ring finger or a cotton bud, if there is one handy.

Nars  Radiant Creamy Concealer – this is the must-have product here. It goes under my eyes, around my nose, on my chin and if I’m a little red (like today) also on my nose. This makes a HUGE difference!

Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara – essential to make my eyes look awake and like I have lashes at all!

Shu Uemura Lash Curlers – an absolute essential! I’d rather leave with no mascara than with my lashes not curled! It makes my eyes look instantly more open and awake.

Korres Lip Butter - usually applied in the car / bus / train

It’s not the ideal make-up look but it is super quick and makes me look fairly respectable, it evens out my skin and opens my puffy little eyes.

And these are the products that are with me on the go:Make-up in a HurryMy make-up bag is pretty minimal: powder, lip balm, concealer for touch ups during the day and a brush.

What is your “running out the door” make-up routine? Any tricks up your sleeve?

A. xx

Pancake Party: Gluten Free Two-Ingredient Pancakes

Two Ingredient PancakesI’m a big fan of pancakes and all things pancake related. I’ve seen this recipe floating around online for a while now, along with more fitness inspired variations including protein powder, oats and coconut oil. Ravenous as always after running on Saturday morning, I swapped my usual tea and scone for a two-ingredient pancake party and only have good things to report. These take literally minutes from start to finish, are gluten free, Paleo-friendly and nothing short of amazing when topped with berries (zinc, vitamin c…it’s all good news here!) and a drizzle of honey. I mashed up one medium banana with one large egg until relatively smooth for the pancake ‘batter’. I also came across some ground almonds hiding in my kitchen, so threw a little on top for good measure (vitamin b & e). If I’m completely honest , I enjoyed these so much that there was a second batch a few minutes later which I added a little vanilla extract to the mix.Gluten-Free Pancakes

These are not only nutritionally dense ‘clean’ pancakes, but are also really tasty and super quick- definitely worth trying out!


Sore Muscle Therapy: Neals Yard Warming Massage Oil

Neals Yard Ginger & Juniper Warming  Oil | Pink Elephant BlogI have recently upped my yoga practice and can proudly say, I manage to squeeze in a yoga session at least 4 times a week these days. Unfortunately, more often than not it results in some kind of sore muscles, mostly in my legs and shoulders. I’ve always reached for the trusted Deep Heat but to be honest, I hate going to sleep smelling of it – not the most attractive smell in the world, let me tell you!  I found the Neals Yard Ginger & Juniper Warming Oil at this year’s Irish Beauty Show and have used it regularly ever since.

It contains a mix of essential oils of ginger, juniper, rosemary and sage for healthy circulation, plus muscle relaxing lavender, in a base of skin softening and conditioning sunflower, almond and wheatgerm oils. The ingredients are 100% organic.

It feels absolutely lovely on the skin and the smell is just out of this world – I wish you could smell it through the laptop. It smells warming and soothing… and just heavenly. I love applying it into my shoulders and legs at night, it not only relaxes my tight muscles, but also leaves my skin feeling softened and hydrated.

Neals Yard Ginger & Juniper Warming Oil €14.95 from the Natural Skincare Emporium
(also available in Harvey Nichols / Space NK)

I love aromatherapy products. What is your favourite?

A. xx

Happy Feet: Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Soap & Glory Heel Genius | Pink Elephant BlogI have a bit of a thing about feet: I’m not a huge fan. So this is probably one of the few times ever you will see me talking about feet (ask Becky, I am not able to discuss the details of a pedicure! I can have one but talking about dry foot skin, etc. makes me want to gag… Foot-Phobia, anyone?).

But, and this is a huge BUT, there is only few things worse than feet that are not taken care of! I am not talking about professional pedicures or anything like that. I just mean the regular bit of maintenance and TLC to make your feet look presentable in flip-flops or sandals. My basic routine involves a foot file, foot scrub, gel cuticle remover – the regular things. I couldn’t however find a foot cream that I loved… until recently. I picked up the Soap & Glory Heel Genius after seeing a few rave reviews on a few blogs.

The Heel Genius is a foot cream / soak-in foot mask. You can either just massage a little bit into your feet before you go to sleep or you can slather on a thick layer and put on some cotton socks for super intense smoothing action – either way it works perfectly. It contains some fabulous ingredients: Allantonin, Glycerin, Macadamia Oil, Bilberry, Menthol and Orange & Lemon Fruit Acid Smoothers.

I’ve tried it and fell in love straight away. It makes a difference the first time you use it! My feet felt lovely and smooth and I now use it every night. It’s also an affordable product so there are no more excuses for dry heels, ladies!!

Soap & Glory Heel Genius is €7.75 and available from Boots

I highly recommend this cream, your can pick it up just in time to get your feet ready for spring!

A. xx