Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Mask

Hydraluron Sheet Mask

I've been a big fan of Indeed Labs for some time now and especially love their Hydraluron moisture boosting facial serum. This little gem has featured in many a post, and functions as a type of pre-moisturiser prep. Having heard great things about their Moisture Boosting Sheet Mask, I popped into Boots last week to grab a bottle of water and came out with a pack of these terrifying, but apparently quite effective sheet masks (this happens a lot). … [Read more...]

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

UD Naked Smoky Palette

With Urban Decay very recently launching their 4th eyeshadow palette in the Naked series the hype and craziness took over department stores and makeup counters. There was queuing, elbowing and frantic buying and all UD counters were  super busy trying to keep up with demand. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you NAKED SMOKY.  … [Read more...]

AW Fashion Fix: The Grey Coat

AW Fashion Fix: The Grey Coat

As all five minutes of summer draw to a close and autumn winter collections roll into stores, I feel the need to calm down. As in I want everything. There’s something about this time of year and the whole ‘September issue’ effect, that makes me desperately want to hit the shops in a frenzy for a complete wardrobe overhaul. … [Read more...]

Autumn Lookbook: Boohoo AW15 Collection

Boohoo AW15 Lookbook

It’s still Summer- just. Meaning our minds are firmly on the beauty that is Autumn dressing. I remain firmly on team Autumn when it comes to seasonal favorite’s, we almost always get our best weather in Autumn, I get to celebrate my Birthday (I’ve the excitement of a seven year old when it comes to my birthday) and AW lines roll out along the high-street, which if we’re completely honest are always the best collections. … [Read more...]

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette

MAC Burgundy Times Nine

The MAC Times 9 palettes were a highly anticipated launch and both Becky & I are so delighted that these babies are finally in our makeup bags! The Burgundy Times Nine* is the one I was lusting after since some of the pre-launch photos have been cropping up all over the internet. Although, I will probably get some of the other ones as well. … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Create Your Workspace Style

Office Inspo

As a self-confessed Pinterest junkie and small-space inhabitant, I’m in the process of creating what has affectionately become known as my ‘micro-office’. It’s tiny. As in, fits-in-our-cute-little-bay-window, tiny. Nonetheless, I’m determined that my spatially-challenged workspace will be a Pinterest-perfect thing of beauty in a similar vein to our Pink Elephant HQ main office, and here’s how…  … [Read more...]